In-House Or Remote Recording

Delphia Studio offers a vast array recording capabilities, whether IN-HOUSE or REMOTE. With over 100 microphones, 48 pre-amps, and the ability to record up to 96 channels, we have the technology to capture the sound of your imagination! We also have an extensive collection of real, electronic, and sample library instruments, to bring your musical ideas to life!

Beyond recording, our services include Demo Development, Pre-Production, Track Comping, and Vocal Tuning.

To Artists and Songwriters: from start to finish, Delphia Studio can help you create the project that will best showcase your talents!

To Producers: with over a decade of audio-editing experience, let Delphia Studio do the editing work for you! We'll handle the comping, timing, and tuning of your tracks, so you can focus on finalizing the product!

Need a lead vocalist, background vocals, or vocal arranging for your project? With over 25 years as a professional singer, Delphia is versed in a variety of musical styles, and can provide Major Label-level Vocals. Allow her to also use her 20+ years as an arranger and composer to create the harmonies, ad libs, and counterpoint for your vocal landscape.


Recording $50 per hour (1 hour minimum)
Comping $50 per track (specials for multi-track work available)
Vocal Tuning $50 per track (specials for multi-track work available)
Vocalist-For-Hire Fee $250 per song (includes lead, doubles, harmonies, ad libs, backgrounds)

*Contact for Pre-Production and Demo Development Rates; Custom packages available.
**Remote Recording may incur additional fees for Travel and Setup; Contact for details.

Contact Delphia by phone or email.

Studio Line:

(615) 828-9175

Studio Location:

Goodlettsville, TN