Songwriting and Mentoring Services

With over 25 years of experience, I offer a variety of Songwriting Services at Delphia Studio, including:
Song Critiques, Song Editing, Custom Songs, Full Song Writing, Topline Writing, Lyric Writing, Music Composition, Musical Arranging/Editing

Song Critiques: You have a completed song, but you want an extra set of eyes and ears on it. Provide me with your lyric sheet and rough recording, and I will provide you with a comprehensive critique of your song; detailing from start to finish the strengths and weaknesses, commercial viability, and any suggestions to improve structure, melody, and hook.

Song Editing: You've written a great song, but something doesn't feel quite "finished" about it. This is where I go even deeper, beyond Critique and Suggestions, and make lyrical and musical changes to strengthen your song. I'll also provide you with a rough recording of my edits, so you can hear them in practical application.

Custom Songs: Over the last 25 years, I've written Wedding Songs, Birthday Songs, Anniversary Songs, and even Joke Songs. Whether it's for a milestone occassion, a special someone, or just because; let me tell your story through music. We'll start with a consultation, outline the project (the subject, the timeline, the musical style, and the budget), and I'll provide you with a Professional-level recording of your Custom Song. It can be completely original, or a parody of a favorite tune!

Full Songwriting: Maybe you have an idea for a song, or you're an artist who wants a particular type of song for a demo, EP, or album. Beyond my own extensive Writer Catalog, I've also written songs for specific Film and TV projects. Allow me to craft just the song you need!

Topline Writing: You are a producer with a great instrumental track, but you want a lyrical hook to go with it. I've written and recorded topline for Dance, EDM, R&B, Pop, and Smooth Jazz producers in the United States, the UK, Thailand, Australia, Russia, Norway, South Korea and France. Allow me to add some "diva" energy to your song! (Samples available upon request.)

Lyric Writing: Your instrumental track evokes a specific emotion, but you need just the right words to convey the message to your listener. If you need lyrics for your song project, allow me to add the words to your musical story.

Musical Composition: You've written a great poem or set of lyrics, but aren't sure how to take it from "words" to a song. Let me add the musical soundscape to bring your piece to life!

Music Arranging/Editing: If you need sampled/virtual Strings, Brass, or Woodwinds arranged for your song, I've arranged tracks for Pop Artists, Jazz Ensembles, the New Mexico Philharmonic, and Budapest Scoring.


Song Critiques $25 per song (specials on multi-song packages available)
Song Editing $75 per song; additional $25 recording fee (optional)
Custom Songs Starting at $250; Contact for Project Estimate
Full Songwriting Starting at $250; Contact for Project Estimate
Topline Writing $250 (includes vocal recording)
Lyric Writing $125 per song
Music Composition $125 per song
Music Arranging/Editing $75 per Instrument Group (specials for multi-arrangement work available)

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